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Find Your Wellness Flow

Ancient Healing for Modern Living

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Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy homes & meeting rooms, Soulstice offers members a space for quiet reflection, rest & recovery. Soulstice wellness lounge is High Point, North Carolina's premier location for alternative medicine, specializing in PEMF Therapy, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Womb Yoga Dance, Trauma Informed Yoga, Qigong andTai Chi, Meditation and Natural Herbal Remedies. The lounge invites you inside with soft & natural lighting, mellow music and comfort. Find your flow with several meditative activities, wellness related reading materials and a temperance bar, also known as an alcohol free bar. Enjoy our served herb based, craft mocktails, teas & tasty coffee alternatives. A Wellness Practitioner is available to guide you with customizing your optimal wellness flow during your Soulstice experience.

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A Passion for Healing

Nuk Pu (I Am) Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Sacred Woman Practitioner, Ra Sekhi (Reiki) Second Degree Practitioner, Kit-Tena Kasnet Ma’at, also known as Empress Tena. It is with joy I affirm your optimal wellness through sacred healing practices, here at Soulstice. It is my mission to share ancient wisdom and naturopathic, earth-based healing methodologies with you. In this space we heal, recover and transform! As your Spiritual Guide and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, each session, class and product is designed to meet your unique needs. Find your flow: Gain access to Guided Elevation Meditations, Energy Healing Sessions, Souls Sessions, Herbal Remedies, Tena's Exotic Teas and Tinctures, our Community Forum, Natural Healing Workshops and much more! Tap in!  Soulstice holds infinite space for you.

As a speaker and practitioner I’ve help clients overcome various ailments and emotional imbalances where conventional medicine could not, but first my practice started with my own healing. I inner-stand the healing journey of the collective. Clients also learn self-care techniques and strategies that help them to continue their healing journey at home. These techniques help with stress management, daily energy levels, better focus, relationships and self-confidence. I continue my natural healing education as a life long student. Your optimal health and wellness, inner balance and vitality does not have to be a struggle, I am honored to help you find your wellness flow.


Love and Healing Light,



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