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Womb Yoga

Womb Yoga Dance was born out of 40+ years of Womb Wisdom treatments by Master Healer Queen Afua. These bring about women's healing through 69 womb yoga poses and 39 rhythmic dance movements to prevent and eliminate womb trauma. Womb Yoga Dance is also known by its Kemetic (Egyptian) name Abu Em Khat. It is inspired by our ancient Afrakan Nile Valley Ancestors of Kemet. This is also known as the Black Land, and the Land of the Original Healers. Each movement connects you to the first healers on the planet earth who used sacred movements to align and attune themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually. Dance of the Womb (Abu Em Khat) will give you longevity, serenity and power with each breath and with each pose rendered. Together there are 108 movements and poses of rejuvenation, tranquility and celebration. Every movement in Dance of the Womb (Abu Em Khat) and pose in Womb Yoga has a healing message, meaning and purpose. These are meditations in motion. 108 is a number that symbolizes wholeness, completion, creativity, enlightenment and transformation.

Increase overall energy and vitality
● Rejuvenates the uterus
● Increases circulation in the womb which aids fertility
● Lifts prolapsed womb, bladder, and colon which will prevent surgery
● Removes physical, mental, emotional and relationship womb trauma
● Detoxes the uterus while boosting up the immune systems
● Decreases menstrual flow
● Increase sexual vitality and orgiastic fulfillment
● Prevent neuropathy, varicose veins and swollen ankles
● Prevents pre-stroke symptoms such as numbing of the fingers, toes and face
and womb
● Purifies and cleanses both the conscious and subconscious minds of toxicity
● Awakens intuition and enhances mental clarity
● Increases memory and prevents alzheimer’s dis-ease
● Lowers blood pressure
● Eliminates “the pain body” mentally, physically and spiritually
● De-stresses nervous system
● Acts as a calmative

From $25.00

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