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New Album

Empress Tena's November 11th release of Soulstice 11:11 features 11 powerful introspective guided meditations, paired with unique instrumentals for an elevated meditative experience. With words and sounds that relax, center and empower, this meditative music for mindfulness, heals.

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Empress Tena

Nuk Pu (I Am) Sacred Woman Practitioner, Ra Sekhi (Reiki) Second Degree Practitioner, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Kit-Tena Kasnet Ma’at, also known as Empress Tena. It is with joy I affirm your optimal wellness through sacred healing practices. It is my joy to share ancient wisdom and naturopathic, earth-based healing methodologies with you. In this space we heal! As your Spiritual Guide and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, each healing session and product is designed to meet your unique needs. Gain access to Guided Elevation Meditations, Energy Healing Sessions, Love Talks, Herbal Remedies, Tena's Exotic Tea Tonics, Spiritual Tools, our Community Forum, Classes and much more! Tap in! The only way is up and you better know it's stuck. Elevate. Soulstice holds infinite space for you.

Love and Healing Light,



Tap In!

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced meditator, this album holds space for you to expand into your divine consciousness at anytime during your day.

Soulstice 11:11 album is a portal into
meditation as a way of life. Consider it an introduction to a higher calling and deeper healing your inner being is asking you to explore. Tap In.

To gain access to hundreds of guided mediations, classes, spiritual tools, community support and much more, become a Soulstice Member Today! 

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