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Meet Your Plug On All Things Bougie: Herbal Tea, Tinctures & the Moon...

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

It's Magic Hour and we're only serving up the best tea. Tap In!

Quick self-assessment: Take note of all emotional changes this season, this month's full moon has ushered them in passionately, to be straight to the point. Perhaps you’ve emotionally reached some breaking points or you’re about to…

Spiritually it’s important to get grounded, truly grounded at this time. It’s important to find an inner security as the world around us lends more chaos. It’s time to align your values and connect with natural rhythms. If it’s no longer worth your energy, it’s time to let those things go.

Full moons are powerful times of illumination and release. Resolve comes much easier. This November Full Moon reminded us to focus. Focus our attention and intentions of moving through the ebb and flow of life with more inner peace.

How? How do we move Tena? The shifts are so sudden, so huge. Indeed, they are and so are you. TAP IN. Make it your priority to incorporate stress reducing, healing, self-care, spiritual practices into your daily routine. Do guided mediations (daily), yoga, pray, breath-work and, please beloved, have a cup of tea…or three.

The perfect tea for higher awareness is Illume. The elegant, magical ingredient, Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria Turnitea) evokes the colors of our Crown and Third Eye Aritus (chakras) (brilliant blues and purples), neurotransmitters to induce relaxation for both your heart and mind while also improving cognitive function. This can increase energy levels, eliminate stress, anxiety and depression and enhance your overall productivity. It also possesses adaptogenic effects, helping bring our body back into a space of homeostasis, or divine balance.

**Pours a cup…sips tea.

For more information about the benefits of this tea visit the High Noon page on the site, you’d be surprised at this gift of nature that just keeps on giving. As you brew then enjoy each sip, imagine your bright blue light radiating from your entire being; this is your expanded consciousness and your heart healing. Baby, you’re glowing.

Love and Healing Light,

E. T.

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